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Pond Maintenance

The time is here to clean water features.  Whether you have a pond or a pond less waterfall, you should consider having them cleaned each year.    At the present time, we are  working on yearly multi-level annual maintenance programs.   These will include annual maintenance as needed during the year such as adding net, winterizing, small cleaning as needed, adding bacteria and cleaning filter pads.   Different levels of our annual maintenance program will be available to better provide for all customers.   Watch for this announcement soon. 

We are scheduling clean-outs daily and the response is very good.  Get on our schedule today for quick service before we enter into a backlog, so the sooner we hear from you, the better.

Maintenance begins with draining the feature, gently remove fish, clean streams, filters and fertilize the aquatic plants.  Other areas of attention include cleaning the pond area and pond less waterfall basin; add the fish back (if you have them) and refill with water.  De-chlorinator and bacteria will be added upon completion.

Our service, with your permission, covers all products which include, change bulbs, add new lights and fix leaks on skimmers and waterfalls with steel screws.   This cleanout may also include adding new filter media if needed or requested by you. These services will incur additional charges for labor and materials.

The auto-fill will be used after the fish have been placed back into the pond.  When you return home, just turn the feature back on and you should start enjoying your lifestyle again.  This allows us to move quickly to our next scheduled appointment.

There are some new pond products this year and can be researched at aquascapeinc.com, including bacteria, sludge removal and some other new products.  Just look at the products section.  We also have a new “Iongen” system to install into the water line to help clean ponds of algae.  This has become a great tool that is controlled by the owners.  If you are looking for a local store to purchase pond supplies, StoneForest.net is located in Kennesaw, GA and Southern Lawn Designs is located in Senoia, GA.  These local suppliers may be of help if you need to purchase products and can’t wait for shipping.

Service Request

Please complete the information requested.   You may choose to print and mail this to the address indicated or email your information to us so we can contact you.   If you would rather email your information, please click here... 

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