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Tony Sargeant, Owner of Aquatic Creations, wins

"Business Man of the Year Award 2011"

  National Geographic Channel ~ Sept. 9, 2014

New TV Series ~ Pond Stars


Customer Comments...

Mar 3, 2013 at 9:28 PM
Subject: Customer Nyman Project
To: Tony Sargeant <tony.aquaticcreations@gmail.com>

There is no way to describe our waterfall install experience without gushing.  When a contractor exceeds expectations on everything, a few kudos are in order.  The water feature Tony designed and built has given us more joy and beauty than we could have known.   Tony's almost magical eye for rock and water gave us the waterfall of our dreams.   He helped us feel comfortable with the project by dedicating hours to our design.   He laid boards under heavy machines to protect our grass and treated our property like it was his own.   He has been awesomely responsive even years after our project.   It was an absolute pleasure to work with Tony.   He's the perfect contractor... someone with superb workmanship and utmost integrity who has a giant heart to please his clients.

 Amy Nyman    Client since 2010 




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